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The ceremony took place with much work and love and blessings and excitement, and only a couple of problems on the 21st! My 13 month journey has come to an end. My lifelong journey continues.

This journal will, for the time being, continue as a record of what I am learning in the wake of my initiation.

Papa and I will decide thereafter if I will maintain this as a journal for my Papa, or weave it back in to my main journal.

Entries will still be friends-locked. You are still welcome to comment here to request entry. I am still unlikely to friend folks I don't already know.

I have luck.

Be Well,

In November of 2009 I will be Headwashed to my Papa Ghede. This journal is meant to document the 13 months of deliberate preparation between now and then.

The entries will all be friends-locked. If you are interested in reading this journal, leave a comment here. However, if I do not already know you from my main journal, I am unlikely to friend you here.

Wish me luck.

Be well,

Date: 2009-12-02 06:09 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
What gets me is I could have gone this year. I knew about the event, but I didn't picture it like this, I pictured it.... less familiar feeling?

I feel like I'd fit right into this, no questions. What I'd pictured... yeah, I don't know what to say other than that I missed a boat, but it comes 'round each year, so I'm not really lost. Perhaps it was best I didn't try to cram it into my schedule this year anyway.

If I go, though, I want [ profile] nelwyn to come too, and uh, we'll definitely need warders. And possibly Mama's permission to go out of bounds...



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